Monday, February 25, 2013

How To Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Knowing how to go out of your comfort zone will help you walk through those roads that you are not sure of. Here are the experts' pieces of advice on how to take calculated risks:

1. Acknowledge that steady is not always safe. 
You may be working in a well-established company now but the assurance that you will be working there until you retire is slim. So you must learn how to adjust every single day become what you thought was may no longer is.

2. Learn how to adapt, create and think differently. 
The key to success after going out of your safety net is to learn how to connect with people, establish a company that grows, and innovate robust products. These are the important factors you must remember when the time is right to move out of your comfort zone.

3. Accept that failure is inevitable. 
You must not be afraid to fail. Instead of feeling remorse about it, you need to see it as a challenge to try something new. Those successful individuals are not afraid to fail.

4. Pray and seek His help. 
You cannot successfully go out of your comfort zone without His help. Therefore, you must ask for His guidance and let Him direct your way.

It is true that learning how to go out of your comfort zone can be a difficult process. It can be really terrifying. But failing a hundred times will bring you more success.

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