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4 Ways On How To Dump A Guy

How to dump a guy isn’t easy. You know it’s over between you two but you can’t just say it to him without upsetting him. However, if you continue doing it, then it’s not him you’re hurting. Rather, it’s you.

Now, you want to know how you’re going to break it off nicely. But before you follow the tips listed below, make sure that you don’t show him that you’re a little nervous. One thing that you can do is to apply an antiperspirant and deodorant that can reduce your excessive sweating. In this way, you’ll feel confident to break things off with him.

1. Ask him to meet you

Don’t follow what the Hollywood celebrities are doing these days on how to dump a guy. It’s rude and you’ll leave him wondering what went wrong. By meeting and talking to him in person, you’ll be able to air your side directly. Be honest about how you feel. He may not understand it instantly but he will.

2. Tell him that it’s your fault

The best way not to hurt him when you’re about to dump him is to blame yourself. Laying all the blame on him isn’t a good idea. Rather, it’ll just start a fight between you two. Tell him that you’re not ready yet to continue this relationship.

3. Allow him to think and talk

You shouldn’t expect him to answer you immediately. Keep in mind that you’re breaking up with him and, it’s more likely that he’s very much in love with you. Respect his silence and give him a few minutes to digest what you just said.

Then, allow him to talk. If he’s angry with you, let him be. Let him shout, scream, or even cry. Respect his feelings. But don’t get trapped in that loop again, i.e. you’ll have him back after he cried in front of you. Saying “no” will give you inner peace.

4. Let him go

If he doesn’t want to talk to you after the big “B” revelation, then allow him to walk away from you without saying a word. He needs time to think and clear things up in his own space.

Once you’ve said your piece, then it’s time for you to walk away from that relationship. It’s easier for the two of you if you’re not checking in on each other. If he’s asking for you to be friends, then tell him it’s okay but not right now. Tell him that both of you need some time apart.

Learning these tips on how to dump a guy may sound easy but in reality, it’s really not. However, if you do it carefully, you can break things off without further hurting your and his feelings. 
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Friday, April 12, 2013

How To Activate iPhone 5 So You Can Start Using It

Before you can start using your newly purchased iPhone 5, you need to activate it first. Keep in mind that the activation process of an iPhone varies widely depending on the model and the iOS version.

This article focuses on how to activate an iPhone 5. Here are the steps:

  1. Power on your phone.
  2. Slide it to start setting it up.
You will be shown a map of the world.

  1. Select your region and language.
  2. Tap the “Next” button.
  3. Choose whether or not to turn on the location service.
You may not choose to switch it on if you do not regularly use GPS service. If you choose to turn it on, however, you should be aware that it can consume battery life. Thus, you must only switch it on if you will regularly use iPhone 5 in locating theaters, restaurants and other establishments in your area.

  1. Select a Wi-Fi network.
You may also use your provider’s cellular network if you wish.

  1. Set up your iPhone 5 through the three options provided.
  • If you are new to iPhone 5, you must choose Set Up As New iPhone option. However, if you already own an older iPhone that runs iOS 5, then you can download all apps and data that you have uploaded to the iCloud and transfer it to your new phone.
  • Another option is to restore your data from your iPhone running an older version of iOS. If you choose this option, you need to connect your iPhone 5 to your computer and open iTunes. From there, you can sync all your content.

  1. Enter your Apple ID
You need this ID if you wish to purchase apps through iTunes, use iCloud, etc.

  1. Enable iCloud
This is to help you make a back up copy of the essential data on your phone. In this way, it will be easier for you to access your data in case you have accidentally deleted them or lost your phone.

  1. Choose to use Siri or not.
  2. Enable Find My iPhone option.
This app lets you locate a lost or stolen phone using your phone’s built-in GPS.

In other countries, like the Philippines, you will need a SIM card to activate your iPhone 5.

If you purchased your phone from Verizon Wireless, the activation process is almost the same. You can activate it through these steps:

  • Back up your phone
  • Initiate 4G LTE Service. It requires you to dial a number through your new phone.
  • Activate the iPhone 5 by following the on-screen instructions. You will need a Wi-Fi network to activate your device.
The activation process may take a few minutes to complete. 


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Monday, April 8, 2013

How To Use Verizon Wireless Phone For Email

By using a Verizon wireless phone, you can have access to different online communications available today. If you add a mobile email account to this type of phone, then you can easily communicate with your business partners. It is good to know that Verizon wireless lets you set up an email account through your phone. But your Verizon phone must be running on Mobile Web 2.0 before you can receive and send emails to and from your phone.
Now, how do you set up a Verizon email? Here are the steps:
  1. Register your account
You can do this by going to verizonwireless.com. This is the official website of Verizon wireless.
  1. Scroll down a little.
  2. Click on the Entertainment & Apps tab under Plans, Deals & More option.
A new page will open.
  1. Go to Mobile Web option.
  2. Click the Email option
  3. Navigate the Compatible Phones section.
  4. Review the purchase prices of each phone by moving your cursor over any phone you wish to view.
  5. Click the Buy Now option
You must only click it if you have reviewed the terms and conditions of each option.
  1. Choose a phone.
  2. Enter your zip code.
  3. Access your Verizon wireless email.
You can do this by selecting the menu key of your phone. Click on Messaging option. You will be directed to the official page of Mobile Web. In here, you can read news, weather and access your Verizon email.
Even though Verizon offers services to hundreds of cell phones, it only manufactures a few. If you are not sure what Verizon wireless phone you need for your business, there are things you must consider.
Here are the steps on how to obtain the right Verizon wireless phone:
  1. Study the price of each option
  • Prices can go from $120 to $200. However, the price will go down if you sign a two-year contract with the company.
  • And if you purchase your phone online, you can enjoy additional discounts. You can even get it for free.
  1. Know the phone’s battery life.
You must choose a phone that will not die each time you have business transaction. Verizon Wireless Escapade has a battery life of 316 hours on stand-by mode and 226 minutes of talk time. The Verizon Wireless C, on the other hand, can stand up to 89 hours stand by or 285 minutes of talk time.
  1. Learn about its multimedia features
Each Verizon Wireless phone allows document and photo sharing, as well as video conferencing. Each phone has built-in cameras, which you can use to shoot video and still images.
The company is the first company that built WA wireless broadband network in the US. It has unlimited data plans and offers extensive coverage per area. It continues to provide its customers a wide array of wireless broadband options. The company’s broadband plans are compatible with several smartphone brands. It also offers USB modems that you can use for your laptops. Cellular Internet service is also available for Apple’s iPad. 


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Monday, April 1, 2013

How To Obtain Travel Insurance South Africa

Before discussing how to obtain travel insurance South Africa, you must know that such protection covers the cost involved in trip-cancellation and 24-hour emergency assistance. In other words, it can help you get the money you spent if you need to cancel your trip or shorten its duration. It offers plenty of benefits especially if you are planning to have a major vacation in the beautiful country of SA.

Here are the steps on how to properly get the protection you need while traveling in this place:

1. Study your existing insurance policies
Before you purchase such protection, you need to check your existing policy. Your credit card may also provide you some coverage during your travel. Your existing insurance policies may also cover your medical expenses, lost luggage and cancelled tickets.

However, not all insurance policies can offer you protection while traveling.

2. Decide the type of insurance you want to obtain
The cost of getting travel insurance varies widely depending on your age, health and the duration of your trip. Your provider may offer terrorism insurance if you are going to the dangerous areas in SA.

3. Familiarize yourself with the policy
Before getting one, you need to know if the policy has international medical insurance, accidental death, repatriation of your remains and emergency medical evacuation. These factors are extremely important should you face trouble while traveling in this country.

4. Ask your travel agent about this insurance
Your travel agent may know a lot of things about this protection. So let him/her shop and purchase for you. You do not have to worry about not getting one as there are plenty of sites that offer a policy that you can easily get within 24 hours.

5. Sign up with an insurer that provides 24/7 hotline service
In this way, you can easily contact them should you need assistance during your travel in SA.

6. Know your provider
Make sure that you have obtained such protection from a provider that can deliver policy materials in an efficient, convenient way. Some companies allow their customers to obtain the policy through email, rather than postal delivery.

You must also make sure that the company allows you to print out the insurance cards and file claims via a secured website, i.e. if you want to obtain this protection over the Internet.

To further understand how the insurer provides protection to its clients, you must read testimonials from its actual customers. Reading independent reviews only before getting a policy is also essential. But, be wary of positive testimonials. The reason for this is that some South Africa travel insurance providers have paid individuals to write positive feedback about them. Thus, you need to approach reading of comments from online customer forums with a grain of salt. You will never know how many positive feedback the company has posted to those forums.

Another important thing to consider when obtaining travel insurance South Africa is not to purchase policies that you do not need. You must not overbuy. Make sure that the overall cost of the insurance does not exceed the cost of your trip. 

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Monday, March 25, 2013

How To Determine If Your Computer Is Infected With Malware?

How to spot or determine if your computer is infected with malware? 
Simple. If you notice one or some of these security warning signs on your system, then your computer may have been compromised.

1. Popup ads
When these ads appear even if you did not open your installed browser, your computer has been bombarded with adware programs. How did you get them? You may have obtained them from legitimate products or malicious websites that drop malware on your computer.

2. You are being redirected to another site. 
If you are trying to visit Google and your browser takes you to an unfamiliar site, then your computer is most likely infected with malware. Sometimes the redirection is obvious while other times it is not. For instance, you may be visiting your bank's site but your browser has redirected you to a fraudulent site that looks exactly like your bank's official website. How to know if you are visiting the real site? You must check the URL in the address bar. It must contain https.

3. Fake posts on your social media accounts
This is another way on how to determine if your computer has malware. If you notice that you have posts that you did not write, then your computer is more likely infected.

4. Common system tools are no longer accessible. 
Your computer is infected if the common system tools that let you check the presence of malware are disabled.

So, how to remove malware from your computer?
You must install a powerful anti-virus program on your computer. If you already got one and the malware past its protection, then you must obtain more powerful program.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

How To Filter Gmail Messages Using Automatic Filters

How to filter Gmail messages? 
It is easy. You may use Gmail's automatic filtering tool. It is a great way to organize all your messages to avoid them getting out of control. As soon as your messages arrive, automatic filters will place them to the folders you have assigned. The steps on how to filter Gmail messages are somewhat similar to Apple Mail or Outlook. With this tool, you can filter your messages by sender, group, subject or message contents.

Here are the detailed steps on how to filter your Gmail messages: 

1. Log in to your Gmail account by going to mail.google.com

2. Go to the Settings menu by clicking on the gear icon. 

3. Click Filters tab. 

4. Click Create a new filter link found at the bottom of the Filters' page. 

5. Choose your criteria. 
Gmail can filter by sender, recipient and subject. You can also filter your incoming messages that do or do not contain certain words.

6. Click the "Create a filter with this search" link. 

7. Choose an action. 
After you have decided what message to filter, you would want to archive it, flag it as read or put a star on it, forward it to a specific address, delete it, send it to spam, and/or mark it as important.

8. Click the Create filter button. 
You may also tick on the "Also apply filter to..." option.

After following these steps on how to filter Gmail messages, your filter is finished and your inbox has been organized. If you need to change the settings, you must have to go to the Settings menu and click Filter tab. Filters can be edited or deleted at any time.

You can also apply the same filter to many senders by entering email addresses separated by OR. You no longer have to add parentheses as they are automatically added by Gmail (This is one of the reasons I love this email service.)

These steps on how to filter Gmail messages can also be applied to create unlimited filters.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To Take Screenshot On iPad

Here are the steps on how to take screenshot on iPad:

1. Go to the screen of your iPad that you wish to capture. 

2. Press the on/off and home screen buttons simultaneously. 
An on-screen flash will appear.

3. Go to your tablet's default photo application to find the capture screen image. 

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